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3 Things You Could Do Together As Couples On Social Media

Respecting each other's privacy on social media is very paramount as couples but then there are still some fun and interesting things you could do alongside your partner on social media, below are 3 things you could do together as couples on social media:

1.) Chat together: One thing that you could do as couples on social media is to utilize the chat features on social media to communicate more often, chatting on social media between couples has proven to be one of the tactics for making relationships more interesting.

2.) Play games together: If there is one thing I really love about Facebook to be precise are the new games that they introduced where you can pick a player to play with, playing games on social media with your partner could be fun as they could really reveal areas you never even knew about your partner.

3.) Share and update stories together: Yes I totally love this one here because it feels so good to share and update your stories on social media alongside your partner, most stories usually disappear within 24 hours of uploading them so people would always want to rush to view what you and your partner just uploaded.

Content created and supplied by: Jaelz (via Opera News )


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