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6 Things That Happen When You Force A Relationship on Someone

A relationship is an agreement between two people to spend their lives with one another, to love and support one another, to care for one another, and to be there for one another. The partnership is jeopardized if this isn't present. Forcing a relationship on someone goes against all that a partnership stands for, and these things will happen when there isn't a mutual interest/agreement between the two partners.

1. You are completely responsible for maintaining the relationship.

We are rarely advised that a partnership should be 50/50. It doesn't indicate your relationship is unhealthy if it's 60/40. However, if you put in 80 percent while the other person only puts in 20% or less, you are in a relationship with yourself.

2. You'll be continuously rejected.

Nobody enjoys being turned down, especially by their lover. If you're continuously feeling rejected by your lover, it's because they've decided they don't want to be with you anymore. If you feel as if you have to beg for his attention, it may meant thathe is attempting to reject you but is not yet ready to say so. Why would you want to be in an relationship?

3. You will be the one to start the conversation.

Maybe he doesn't want to speak with you anymore, but you're pressuring him to do so, thus you're the one who always begins conversation between you two. You're probably in a forced relationship if you never get texts from him, he never calls you, and it's even difficult for him to speak to you face-to-face because he's always busy.

4. You would be dissapointed

You may be ecstatic to have finally gotten the man/woman of your dreams, but your joy will be fleeting. That forced spouse would not contribute much to the relationship's happiness and would be casual in every aspect; you'd never be happy with someone who isn't serious about you.

5. It will be easy for you two to spend time apart.

When people are in a forced relationship, they try to spend as little time as possible with each other. As a result, this is a clear indication that you two don't belong together. You're simply not interested in each other anymore and don't want to put up the effort, so you avoid one other as much as possible to avoid the ultimate break-up.

6. You would never be truly appreciated or loved

Although a relationship can be coerced and pressed, love and appreciation do not operate in this manner. These two characteristics are innate and cannot be coerced. If something isn't there, it isn't there.

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