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She Was Abandoned By Parents Because She Has No Legs, Yet She Achieved The Impossible

ave you ever wondered how life will be for a person who is handicapped? Do you ever think such person can achieve quite a lot? Read the account of this woman who was abandoned by parents, but now a great motivation for many.

Many people have given up hope because of challenges around them, which have made them feel life is not worth living. The challenges of life will come to everyone in different sizes, shapes and shades all you need to do is to gather strength and face it till you overcome.

Jennifer Bricker-Bauer was born without legs because of this condition her parents decided to place her for adoption.

Jennifer Bricker, who started her life with such a condition that naturally would have made her live in piety-party, but she decided to move on with life and face it without seeing limits.

After being enrolled in school, she picked interest in gymnastics because of someone she saw at that time who was setting the pace.

Jennifer kept working on herself despite the ridicule, bully and physical disability, she later represented her school gymnastics where she came 4th. Subsequently, she also competed in other championships, but no much break until 2009 when she competed for the power tumbling in her state. Jennifer Bricker-Bauer became the winner of the championship and was declared the state champion.

Also, one of her dreams is to marry a handsome, caring and loving man, despite her condition she was blessed to have the exact man she desired. Both her married now but yet with child.

Jennifer Bricker-Bauer has been going round the world to motivate others, she has also written a book, an autobiography about herself titled "Everything is Possible".

Truly, everything is possible if only you believe it is.

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