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Love Vs Money which one is important to Human Being Considering their History.

This article will expose your knowledge between these two important parameters of life. Human Beings needs love and money to be able to enjoy their stay here on earth.

love and money are very important to everybody, but then their is one that supersede the other. if you check the history of the world from religious point of view you will discover that love came before money. it was out of love God created man.

love have more stronger force than money, that is why they say that the "love of money is the root all evil". Love always come before money no matter what. Most relationship are falling apart today because their is no money, while other are stronger because their is love.

You have to love money and acquire it but you don't have to get money to acquire love, because the foundation of that love is money when their is no money it will collapse.

So never think that money is greater than love, money is a subset to love.

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