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3 Reasons Why People Sleep Better Immediately After Intimacy

Having intimate moments otherwise known as "making love" is unarguably one of the sweetest moments of our lives. Most people who want to give birth to children, normally have to get intimate with their partners to reproduce a child. One thing people may not know is that, intimacy comes with a lot of health benefits to the body, and sleeping better is after intimacy is one of them. Various studies have show us the importance of being intimate regularly, to our overall health, both mentally and physically. The more intimate you get with your partner, the more, the more healthy sleep we will get, and the more we sleep, the more active in bed we will become. For the purpose of this article, we are going to be looking at 3 reasons why people sleep better after intimacy.


a) Hormonal Changes: when you get intimate with your partner, it increases the level of Oxytocin in your body, which is equally known as the "love hormones". The oxytocin is responsible for making you connect more deeply with your partner. It should also interest you to know that getting intimate with your partner helps reduce the production of cortisol (responsible for how stressed we feel), thereby relax more and sleep more comfortably. With a calm and relaxed mind after intimacy, it shouldn't be difficult to dive into a very peaceful sleep.

b) Dark Room & Comfortable Bed: one of the main reasons why people sleep very comfortable immediately after intimacy, especially the guys is mostly when the light is off, and bed is very comfortable, which is of course the best scenario to get intimate with your partner. Once the light is off and bed is comfortable, then there is high chance of having a good sleep after intimacy.

c) Orga*m: you already know that Orga*m is what occurs immediately after intimacy. Orga*m helps the body produce all the hormones that make the body feel relaxed. That is why you seem some men go straight to sleep immediately after intimacy. A hormone that helps the body relax after intimacy is called prolactin. 


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