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Going Through A Breakup ? Read This

Going through a breakup can be very devastating and traumatizing, one moment you are so close to someone and the next moment you don't talk to the person anymore. And for some persons they might have noticed it or saw it coming, maybe you guys have been having issues consistently and you know that a breakup is inevitable at that time. 

But you know, is more painful when you guys are not going through any issues that could warrant a breakup like, everything seems normal and perfect maybe you guys even go on a date and then your partner drops the bombshell.. Ehmm i think we should go our separate ways, or i need a break i can't do this anymore with you or whatever way they say it.

Guys if this isn't the most painful experience, then i wonder what could me more painful than this.

These tips won't make the pain go away in 24 hours or in two days or in a week, but they will certainly help you go through the process and deal with the whole experience.

1. Is Okay To Cry And Feel The Pain 

One thing with going through break ups is that people tend to give you an amount of time they feel is appropriate to cry over an ex. Forgetting that we are humans and we are totally different, and we express and go through pain in different ways.

You hear words like "don't tell me you are still crying over Jide" or for guys you hear things like "guy why you dy cry you be woman? abeg forget that girl ".

Don't let any one do that to you cry if you want to, let the emotions out. Is okay to feel that way, is okay to feel hurt, betrayed, used and all of that. Don't let anyone tell you how long you should cry or when to stop crying.

2. Protect Your Emotional Health 

Yes, you are done crying and all of that, now is time to move on by taking precised steps to help you get over them to an extent.

I would suggest you get rid of anything that reminds you of them.The pictures, the gifts, the text messages, the love chats and if possible unfollow them on all social media handles. 

Now understand that you are doing this for your own good, for your own mental health. You are not going to get over your ex if you still go through those lovely pictures of you too together or if you keep stalking them on social media to know what they are up to. Delete them from your phone and allow your heart heal from the experience.

3. Get A Distraction 

Most people will think this means going on random dates with any guy or lady or having one night stand. I won't suggest this, this is just you doing more harm to yourself. 

A good distraction could be a learning a new skill, getting another degree, Plung yourself into more work, or anything that keeps you busy and away from staying and thinking about your ex. 

4. Do Not Isolate Yourself 

We have heard of people committing suicide because their boyfriends or girlfriends jilted them or broke up with them.

I totally believe it wouldn't have happened if they were In company of good and caring friends, yes you might need to be alone for a while to cry and think or whatever you want to do but don't stay alone for too long. So stupid thoughts don't go through your mind.

Most people stay alone and before you know it they become oblivious of the world and things happening around them. Go out with friends laugh be happy because you deserve it. Remember the goal isn't to heal fast and jump into the next relationship but to grow, improve on yourself and become a better version of yourself. Hopefully your next relationship will be your last.

Guys what do you think about this like, share and don't forget to leave a comment below I would love to hear your thoughts on these.

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