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Opinion: Any Young Guy Who Has These 3 Mentalities May Likely End Up Having A Late Marriage in Life

The joy of every young guy is to graduate from a higher institution, get a good job and get married to the lady they love. However, life in most cases does not follow the pattern which it is usually planned. 

There are certain unforseen situations that regularly stand as a threat to ones plans and whenever it happens, the only option is to manage the situation and find a way of getting the best out of it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, less than three people only meet the target before getting married while others end up frustrated and consequently make do with whatever that comes their ways.

As a man, early marriage is the best irrespective of the situation of things around you. If you marry early, the chance of enjoying your life at old age is very high.

Most young men have a late marriage due to the following mentality:

1. Many young guy have proposed in their mind they would not marry except they have huge money in their bank account. While you cannot rule out the importance of money in marriage, it is not yet clear if money can answer all the demands of marriage.

As a matter of fact, availability of money has always been the problem of many homes. Some men will make all the necessary financial provisions for their families but will never be available for them. 

Once you have a job with stable monthly income, you are good to go into the marriage. The only thing you need is to develop a good financial management in the family and cut down on unnecessary expenses.

2. You may end up having a late marriage if you are particular about a specification of a lady to marry. While it is good to have a good taste and eyes for qualities, you should also examine yourself if you really measure up to the standard you are craving for in a lady.

Some guys want a tall, slim, light completion lady who is intelligent and gainfully employed. They have forgotten that nothing comes without a price. In the process of searching for the choice of woman, age is speedily catching up on them. Before long, they end up marrying any available lady at an old age.

3. Guys who are keen on meeting their financial target always end up having a late marriage. Some guys will want to build a house, buy a befitting car, set up a business of their own and other personal needs before getting married.

While all these are good things, there is need to be flexible in the process of going about it so it will not affect the future. It is not every man that will get married as a millionaire, landlord, CEO or car owner. Some men get married as a nobody and along the line, they become somebody in life.

It is not about how far you have gone but how well you have fared in marriage and life generally.

So if you are still engrossed with these mentalities, please drop it, so you won't end up nursing children while your mates are already reaping their rewards on children.

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