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Husband and wife relationship

10 Powerful Prayers Every Wife Should Pray For Her Husband And Marriage

I've compiled a list of prayers every wife can offer for the success of their husbands. There's nothing hard about these prayers. They are, in fact, just words. Words from my heart for my hubby, which I would put in my own prayers. Utilize them as a starting point for your prayer ideas, or use them word-for-word. God will reward you and your marriage for your constancy in prayer, no matter how you do it.

1. Prayers for your husband's well-being

Consider asking the Almighty for guidance when praying for your husband. Request that He provide your husband a spirit of knowledge in all of his endeavors.

Dear God, please give my husband your blessing in whatever he does. Be there for him while he makes big and small decisions, and help him to feel your presence in his life. Give him the assurance that he can make Godly decisions and that he would always endeavor to do your will. Continue to bless him and make his routes straight and clear if he is battling with a specific difficulty (Amen).

2. Prayer for resilience for your hubby

Dear God, please bless my husband with courage today. Assist him in remembering that his grace and strength come from you. Help us to realize, Heavenly Father, that all of our excellent gifts originate from you. Kindly notify my husband of your love and support when he is feeling down, and assist him in remembering my support and love for him. Assist me in becoming the wife he requires (Amen).

3. Prayers for you and your family

This prayer can be tailored to your family's individual needs. It's also a good idea to pray for your potential future family! My prayer is for husbands and wives who have not yet started a family.

Dear God, Thank you very much for providing us with the gift of family. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful family. If it is in your will for us, we beg that you bless us with the gift of children. Allow us to be more Godly parents who love their children. Please keep each of our extended families in your thoughts. Please allow them to experience your love for them now and always, and bless them with health, safety, and happiness (Amen).

4. Prayer for assistance in times of difficulty

When my husband is facing a difficult situation, I sneak in a little prayer for him. We all encounter challenges on a daily basis, and I know that any ounce of grace and support I can give him would be beneficial.

Dear God, My hubby is currently battling with a problem. You already know what we really need before we ever ask for it, thus you already know what it is. I come to you now, Lord, in faith, to seek for your assistance in this fight. Please provide comfort and tranquility to my husband, as well as knowledge and strength. Father, he would only get through this battle with your aid and grace, so please allow him to sense your existence and trust and rely on you (Amen).

5. Prayers for wisdom

Dear Lord, Assist my hubby in making judgements today. I specifically request that he assist you with any specific or critical decisions with which he may be suffering. Grant him the insight that only you, God, can provide, and encourage him to seek your aid and guidance. In the name of Jesus, I beg (Amen).

6. Prayer for fatherhood

If you have kids, pray for both your husband and your family. If you don't have kids yet, you might also ask God to assist your husband in preparing for parenthood.

Dear Lord, I appreciate you for being our father and for setting the standard for fatherly love. Assist my husband with feeling that love and emulating it to the best of his ability. As you have, assist my husband in being a better father by encouraging him to be more giving, patient, and encouraging. Please convey to my husband that he is a valued and trusted father in our family, and that we admire and respect him. Assist him in feeling secure in his role as a father and in his capabilities. Allow me to be the finest partner for him in terms of fatherly support. Assist us in raising our children in the manner you desire, and in being caring and loving parents to our precious children (Amen).

7. Prayer for provision in the life of your husband

We know that God will provide for us, especially when we put our faith in Him. I think it's a terrific idea for you and your husband to pray for this. It's the ideal method to place your faith in God's hands. Allow him to take command.

Dear God, Your word promises that you will provide all of our needs. I trust you to keep your word. Please meet all of my husband's physical, spiritual, economical, and emotional requirements. Help him recognize your blessings in his life and learn to rely on you for everything. Remove his concerns and demonstrate to him that you are dependable in meeting our demands. Please assist me in doing the same, as I grow in my faith in you (Amen).

8. A prayer to keep your husband from succumbing to temptation

Temptation is all too real and it can come in a variety of forms. Though we may believe that sexual temptation is the most common form of temptation for our spouses, there are actually a plethora of temptations out there (that affect both husbands and wives). It's all too easy to give in to our baser natures and lie, steal, and cheat in a variety of scenarios, whether they're large or tiny transgressions. Let us pray that our husbands are protected and directed against all forms of temptation.

Dear Lord, temptation is all around us. I'd like you to assist my spouse in avoiding circumstances where he might be tempted. Allow him to avoid evil and seek virtue in everything. God, may he be firm in his faith in you and your word, and make the correct decisions when he is tempted. For whatever challenges he meets, fill him with your strength and fortitude. Cover him with your divine grace and goodness (Amen).

9. Pray to be the woman your husband needs

Dear Lord, My husband is deserving of the best wife in the world. Please assist me in becoming that woman. As difficult as it may be, please assist me in putting him first and being selfless. Lord, even though I will never be flawless, give me the perseverance to keep trying. Remember that when I serve him, I am also serving you. I'm loving you because I'm loving him. Please help me to become more like you so that I might love him as Christ loves him (Amen).

10. Pray for support for his work

Perhaps above all, your husband craves your support and respect. For many men (and women), this is inextricably linked to their job or career. It's important to express your respect and gratitude, but praying for your husband's efforts is the most powerful form of support you can give!

Dear Lord Jesus, Give my husband whatever he requires for today's task. Surround him with knowledge and clarity as he makes decisions. Assist him in demonstrating integrity at work. Allow him to be a source of encouragement to those with whom he works, allowing them to see the light of Christ in his words and actions. Please, God, make my husband proud of the work he accomplishes. Help him to believe in his own skills and abilities, and to offer his effort to you as a sacrifice, knowing that you, Lord, are the source of all power and virtue (Amen).

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