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5 Mistakes You Should Never Make In A Relationship If You Want It To Lead To Marriage

People begin relationships with such enthusiasm and joy, but by the halfway point, everyone feels like strangers. It will eventually crash. You may or may not have been in a number of failed relationships. If you really want your relationship to lead to marriage, you must stop the following blunders, regardless of where you are in it or where you want to go.

1. CREATING EXPECTATIONS - Bringing expectations from a previous relationship, whether fulfilled or unmet, and asking your new partner to dance to the melody is the quickest way to ruin your relationship. If you have an intention for some cause, make sure it's reasonable and conveyed to your partner in advance. When their partners aren't the Holy Spirit, many people want their partners to read their "unspoken thoughts." Your partner is a human being who can only comprehend as much as you say. The best approach is to go in with an open mind and no expectations. If you do decide to have one, make sure it is clearly articulated and accepted by your partner before you start dating, not months or years later.

2. SETTLING - Women are often victimized because they are constantly at the "settling end" of their relationships. If you want your relationship to succeed, whether you're a man or a woman, you must never compromise. You must have a set of principles that you would never compromise on. Yes, compromise is essential in relationships, but it is not your norm. This will give you not only respect, but also make you attractive and someone with whom to run the race of life. Establish the standards and communicate them to your partner. Know that if they can't deal with it, you'll end up in an onion relationship. It's best if you go. Offer them room if you're already in one and they don't want to dance to the music.

3. TALKING Rather THAN LISTENING - Being a talkative partner, whether male or female, is the worst thing you can do in a relationship. When you're both gisting, it's a different story. However, the fact that you prefer to speak and talk even more than you listen is unsettling and could trigger panic in the relationship because you're not just burdening the other person, but you're also preventing them from unburdening because you won't pay attention in the first place. Listen rather than you talk.

4. NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THEIR NEEDS - It's one thing to listen; it's quite another to pay attention to the point that your actions are influenced. People don't often express their desires directly; instead, they do so by their acts. You'll lose out on their needs if you're not sensitive enough, and you'll come off as unappealing. Everyone desires a partner who studies, is compassionate, pays attention to their needs, and directs their behavior in that direction. That's the kind of person you should be.

5. NOT BEING THE "RIGHT" PERSON - You must be the "right" person as well, even though you want the other person to be the "right" person. You must get your act together, continue to improve yourself, and strengthen your character. Don't act the same way they did when they first met you, and don't act any less. Be more and more at everything you do. Avoid the "see end" syndrome and being too relaxed when you're in a relationship. They'll want more of you if you're more. This will make them want to spend the rest of their lives with you. Although there is no manual for building a successful relationship, following these five steps will help you achieve your lifelong dream of becoming the one your partner wants to wake up to for the rest of their lives.

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