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5 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Miss You

Ladies, there are many ways to make a guy miss you. Though he might not show it, but deep inside of him, he is missing you. Therefore, you have to be tricky and crafty in doing that and here are 5 simple ways to make him miss you-

1. Stop Texting Him

Guys tend to loose interest in ladies who text them too often. As a lady, one easy way to make a guy miss you over text is to stop texting him. Give him a little space online and act as if he is not online; then you wait and see how he will respond to that. 

2. Always Be The First To Hang Up

Whenever ever he calls you, test way to make him miss you is by hanging up first. Try to play hard with him and make him think that you are angry or not happy with him. Show him that you are not dying to talk to him because ignoring someone you are attracted to is a great way to keep him interested.

3. Use Social Media

The use of Social Media is another way to make him miss you. Continue to share updates or photos of yourself on social media. Parts of your life that you want him to view should be posted. You can utilize the fact that he is tracking you online to your advantage. Make him realize what he will miss if he is not part of your life.

4. Be Busy When He Ask You Out

Don't just accept to go out with him on every occasion. If you do that, he could think you are cheap and that could prompt him to take you for granted. You can turn him down once or twice so that he can try to play catch up. This will make him miss you. 

5. Make him want to know more.

Make it seem like there's still a lot he doesn't know about you. Be mysterious, playful, and clandestine. He will be pulled to you and will desire you even more. If you stay away from him he will crave for you more. Tease him when you are in bed and give him an idea of the positions you want to try. He would just go crazy wanting more.

Content created and supplied by: Salen_Kennie (via Opera News )


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