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9 Attributes That Women Like In Men

As a man, you need to realize that there are things that women like in you. If you want to attract a woman, then you will have to do or possess these things. You may not possess all but you can process a number of them. Here are 9 things about men that women really like:

1. A Baritone Voice

There is nothing like sleeping next to you man at night and hearing him speaking in a deep low voice. Deep voice gives men an extra manly effect and women also love it. Unfortunately, not all men have this kind of voice, but if you have it, you have an extra edge.

2. Nice Smelling Men

A nice Smelling man tickles a woman's senses. There is no woman that they like a man who does not smell nice or who does not take care of himself. They will like you when you smell nice and you look nice.

3. Generous And Selfless

When you are generous, you will have a lot of people around you because they will want to get something from you. However, ladies admire this category of guys so we'll. You might not be able to be generous financially, but you can offer her your time, knowledge, and assistance when it comes to certain things. Generous men are Often high on women's list.

4. Protectiveness:

There is nothing more comforting than a man who is looking out for you. Ladies love men who will always show protection and care for them. Even if you don't have the equipment to protect a lady, but you should let her feel protected when she's with you.

5. A Man's Height

The majority of women live to date tall men because they would love to physically look up to the man in their life. Tall men always have a greater edge than short ones.

6. Men With A Great Smile

If you are a man and you frown your face a lot, you won't have many ladies around you. Women love men who always smiles, especially if he is blessed with white teeth.

7. Men who are Leaders And Not Followers

You should be able to show a little sign of leadership if you want to attract a lady to yourself. She wants you to put yourself above her and try to make decisions as a leader.

8. Undivided Attention

Ladies are however interested in men that give them undivided attention. If you take time to bless a lady with your full attention, then she will really like you.

9. Men Who Roll Up Their Sleeve

It might be difficult to believe but it is really through. It makes men look hardworking and industrious. Rolling up your sleeves means that you are ready to go and you assist anyone who needs any kind of help.

Content created and supplied by: Salen_Kennie (via Opera News )

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