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What The Quran Says About Boyfriend And Girlfriend (An-Nisaa':25)

Muslims need to build positive relationships with everyone, both men and women, at school, at work, and in their communities. Everyone should be treated with respect. However, in Islam, it is forbidden to have very close friends who are not mahrams or the opposite sex.

But this kind of friendship often ends in the illegitimate. And according to the Qur'an, worthy men and women are those who are married, do not commit adultery, and do not have "love" or Akhdan (see An-Nisaa: 25).

Akhdan are "sweetheart" or "mistress" for men and "loveres" for women. “Whenever two strangers of the opposite sex are alone, Satan becomes the third among them,” said Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. (At-Tirmidhi)”.

As a result, a Muslim boy cannot have a girlfriend and a Muslim girl cannot have a boyfriend. Whatever your intention, there is a risk that it will lead you to sin. Or at least you'll have more alone time together.

Only marriage is allowed for Muslims. If you are successful in marriage, Prophet Muhammad advises you to marry the girl in your heart. You can enter it at any time. These are flowers in your garden.

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