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Biracial children: what does the society hold for them?

Biracial children are born from parents who are from different races. An African who marries an Asian will have biracial babies.

Biracial babies are very cute and adorable see photos

Now the question is 'what does the society hold for them?'

Biracial children may face challenges when growing up. They have to fit into the society as mixed children. They may be seen and addressed differently.

Biracial children who have a black parent may face racism or discrimination.

According to a biracial young adult who shared her teenage story "Colorism, or discrimination based on skin complexion, plays a huge role in the ways that modern society operates and picks the minorities it wants to show. There is also truth to the fact that being mixed can be incredibly difficult and confusing at times".

As the saying goes 'an ounce of black is full black' these biracial children are seen as full black. Growing up, biracial children will be faced with difficulties of knowing their identities and adopting to bilingualism.

Most Asians will not like to have biracial children because they believe that their children will be seen as 'different'. To me, different is not a bad word, different could mean unique and biracial children are unique.

Most mothers of biracial babies fear for their children's futures. The discrimination and racism that their children may face in the future scares them.

According to a mother of biracial children, "Just because our children are mixed doesn’t mean they’re safe. In the meantime, my husband and I choose to have a dialogue with our kids about the reality of what we’re facing as a nation. While they're only 2 and 5-years-old, it's not too early to begin the conversation. Will it ensure that no harm will come to them? No. But it's a step in the right direction."

Hopefully, one day, these beautiful biracial children will be accepted as unique and the society will help them to fully understand their identities rather than discriminate them.

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