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How to Know a Man Who Truly Loves You

In a world that is dominated by fake love, knowing the person who truly loves one is no doubt a heinous task. Everybody pretends to be who they are not, it's hard to know those pretending and those who are real. Nobody wants to be in a relationship where he or she is not loved. Today we shall talk about how to know a man who truly loves you. Some people already gave up on love, the Truth is that true love exists. I will share with us some signs that someone loves you.

1. If a man likes you, you will feel it. When he's around you, study his looks and the way he does. This is enough to sell him out. Men don't usually express their love but it doesn't mean they don't love you. They might love you very much but not show it in their behaviors.

2. A man who truly loves you will tell you to the world. If a man hides you from his people, he has a skeleton in his cupboard. As humans, we are always in a rush to show people the person we love. If he has never posted you or wants your relationship to be secretive, he doesn't love you well enough. There's a high probability that he has other girls.

3. A man who loves you will not let your flaws be known to others. There are some marriages you see as perfect ones, they are not that perfect. It's because they kept their flaws away from the public. A man who disgraces you or corrects you in the presence of others doesn't love you. If you love someone, you protect and shield them even when you know they are wrong. You can later correct them in private.

4. When you go through a hard time, he will be there to comfort you. A man who leaves when Things are tough for you and comes back when things are back in place doesn't love you. During your hard days, he will be by your side and give you hope of a better tomorrow. If you have such man, keep him, men like that are scarse these days.

5. If a man loves you truly, he won't disturb you too much about s_x. A man should be able to respect your decision to keep your virginity till marriage. If a man keeps requesting for intimacy and threatens you with that,it means that's the reason he dated you.

Let's have your opinions regarding this, criticisms too are welcomed.

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