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4 Signs A Girl Will Show When She Is Attracted To You.

A girl can be attracted to you without saying it even when you start getting close to her. You should know that most girls like waiting for the men to proclaim their love first and so, they might not be able to tell you how they feel about you when you have not made any move on them. Knowing when a girl is attracted to you gives you the chance or opportunity to make a move before someone else does it before you.

1. She compliments you. She would always see a reason to compliment either your outfit, haircut, or even your smile. If you both work in the same place, you might notice that she would always be the first to tell you how handsome you look immediately you step into your workplace.

2. She's always shy around you. No matter how boldly she speaks in front of other people, she will be shy when she is around you. When a girl is shy, you might catch her biting the lower part of her lips or even playing with her fingers.

3. She tells you that she is single. This is for you to know that she is willing and ready to start a relationship with you. This is because, most times, men fail to open up their hearts to women because they do not know their relationship status. However, when you realize that she is single, you will be able to make your intentions known.

4. She can't go a day without talking to you. She might show up at the place she knows she would find you just to have a word with you. If she doesn't know your favorite spot, she might decide to visit you at your place or even call you on the phone.

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