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Guys If Your Girlfriend Does These Things Just Know She Is Cheating

Getting into a relationship is 100% easy, anybody can do it, the issue is maintaining the relationship having a lasting is the major task, it's not easy at all even for married people, nobody has the perfect marriage or relationship they also fight, it's just that some at mature about these issues.

But it is one thing to find a lover it's another to keep that love, it's just a shame that the society we live in today many men are not willing to settle down and some ladies are not faithful but today I'll be pinpointing things to help you know if your lover is not being sincere with you.

I'll be dealing with women, and some of the tricks they sometimes play in a relationship

1. Hiding her phone: please note that there is a big difference when someone just doesn't want you to have his or her phone and when she gets physical and secretive about the phone, she just always want to be with it and can fight you over just holding or playing a game with it ( Normally thou its not advisable to check your partner's phone).

2. She starts lying about her whereabouts:

When you ask the question "where we're you? She would always lie about, generally when she starts lying over little things that she shouldn't.

3. Secret calls: she is no longer comfortable picking up her phone when you are around, or in your presence, she stops calling you also.

4. Stop caring: once she starts changing something is wrong, she no longer wants to cook, wash or even want to know how you are doing, she just blacks out, when she says " just give me some space" that's a red alert.

We could go on and on but I'll end here, for now, the fact is it's not easy to get a cheating woman but if you do and love her seat her down and talk to her, if she doesn't listen just walk away, you are better than that.

5.over protecting: this could be as a result of love or jealousy so its two ways

Please Note: Not all men cheat and not all women are cheats, the fact that i would be majoring on women doesn't mean that they are always the problem, and as relationships differ so also do the people and solutions.

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