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Ladies, Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Partner Until You Are Married

There's no denying that two people in love shouldn't hide secrets from each other and should always be honest with each other, but there is an exception to this rule. If you truly love and cherish your relationship, you should not tell your boyfriend the following things:

1. Keep your hot female pals a secret from your partner.

Some of my female friends are 'hot,' and I enjoy talking about it to my boyfriends. This does not indicate that you enjoy their new look; rather, it sends an ambiguous message to the guy you're dating to look at them.

2. Don't tell him how horrible things were in your life before he came around.

If you tell a person you're dating about how chaotic your life was before you met him, he might be offended. If you tell him you've had numerous abortions before meeting him, he may believe you'll never be able to have children.

If he's the bad type, he can start thinking about how he might exploit you and dump you, leaving you heartbroken.

3. Don't say anything to him about how much you dislike his ex-girlfriend.

Never tell your current boyfriend how much you despise him if your ex angered you and you still harbor grudges against him.

Your current boyfriend will be afraid if you keep bringing up issues about how your ex treated you, and if things don't work out, he will very surely end up on your hate list. He might be thinking to himself, "That's how she'll tell another guy about me if we break up."

4. While you're having fun, don't tell him how fantastic your ex was.

Tell your current boyfriend while having a good time. It's a bad idea to tell your ex how fantastic he was because if he doesn't live up to your expectations, he might fear you're going to ditch him for another guy. Another reason not to inform him is that he might mistake you for one of those females who dates for the pleasure of it and wants to do the same with him.

5. Wait until you're married to tell him you're keeping your virginity.

The truth is that informing a guy you're a virgin may turn him off and prevent him from dating you. If he finds out you're a virgin, don't tell him you're not going to lose it till you marry him; he might not want to stay. To earn his respect, get to know him first, become his buddy, and act maturely anytime you're in his presence. His acceptance of you and your decisions will astound you.

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