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Why Men Are Advised To Regularly Take Watermelon Before Getting Intimate With Partner

The act of love making is the most intimate and deepest form of love expression in most romantic relationships among human beings. During this act, the male party would need two things, strength and strong erection so as to perform incredibly.

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This article shall open your eyes to a fruit you might know could help you with all of these and yet not expose you to multiple side effects as most concoctions and drugs would.

Watermelon is a popular fruit found in the face of the Earth and can survive most soil textures owing to it's popularity.

It contains a pinkish inner pulp and a green semi-hard exocarp known as the rind. The pulp is sweetened and with about 92 percent water.

These fruits contain an amino acid known as L citrulline which helps dilate blood vessels to increase and improve the flow of blood.

The mechanism of erection in male involves a massive influx of blood to the erectile tissue of the male genitalia. When blood is pumping in enough, it keeps the male genitalia standing.

When your blood vessels are not relaxed and dilated, flow of blood through the arteries may not be optimal and this can affect erection, could make it weak or absent as the case may be.

Therefore, as a male figure, consumption of watermelon before meeting your significant other for love making could be helpful in improving your performance by helping with a strong and lasting erection. Watermelon also contains potassium that helps provide strength, another factor you need in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, this article may not be helpful to you as it does not serve as a means of treatment. It is more advisable you meet your doctor so it can be cured from the root.

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Source: Healthline

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