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As A Man, Don't Let Your Girlfriend Know This One Thing About You

When it comes to relationships, some men oftentimes make the mistake of revealing one important thing to their girlfriend. While it is cool and sweet to reveal and show this thing I want to talk about, it's also not good to let your woman know about it because she might end up taking you for granted.

Without wasting much time here is what you shouldn't let your girlfriend know as a man.


As a man that is in love and in a serious relationship, it's not advisable to show your girlfriend that you love her so much. This is because some women who have low mental capacity will end up taking you for granted because they believe you love them. Some people would say, why not show her you love her when you actually do? Well, to answer that question for anyone that might want to ask it, it is better to keep your feelings about her concealed because when you do she will play with your heart knowing that she would get away with it.

When a woman is not sure you love her so much, she will be the one running after you because she wants you badly. On the other hand, when you show her you love her, she will feel relaxed and might want to do as she likes because she knows you love her.

I have this girl I was dating. When we met, I fell in love with her so much that I exposed all my feelings to her thinking I was doing myself good. When this girl noticed how deeply in love I am with her, she changed and started misbehaving. I almost had high blood pressure because I was always thinking. She took me for granted, even when I'm not wrong I end up saying sorry for her to be happy. She dealt with me so badly that I started to regret why I showed her how much I loved her.

As time went by I started to teach myself to learn not to show her I care and that I love her. When I started doing that, she told me that I've changed, that I'm not the same person that used to be so loving and caring etc. I told her that she was the one that caused all that was happening in the relationship because she took my love for granted. When I stopped caring, she got back to her senses and was the one chasing after but it was too late because I no longer love her the way I used to.

As a man, only show your girlfriend you love her if she is matured enough to appreciate that and not want to use it against you. It's not every woman that understands that one is not supposed to take anybody that loves them for granted. If you are not sure she is mature enough to understand that loving her is not an avenue for her to start misbehaving, better act like you don't love her so that her head will be calm.

Most women like it when a man shows they don't care about them and hate it when he shows he loves them. Showing most girls you love them sometimes makes you look weak in their eyes. Instead of you to look weak in her eyes and be taken for granted, just act like you don't care for your own good.

In conclusion, don't show your girlfriend you love her too much to avoid being taken for granted. Remember, not showing her you love her doesn't mean you shouldn't do what you are supposed to do in the relationship as a man. Get her the things you are supposed to get her, send her money when you want to and do the necessary things you are supposed to do with her showing her you are so in love with her. Remember, most girls want to be the ones running after a guy who doesn't care about them. For your mental health to be balanced as a man, do this thing I've written in this article and you will thank me later.

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