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14 Ways To Maintain A Good Relationship With Friends And Family

Relationships are the most important part of our lives whether with friends or family. And to make any relationship work, we have to give time. Without giving time and making efforts, no relationship can flourish. If you are willing to have a healthy relationship with your friends and families, here are some list below:

1. Don't talk behind your friends or families. This may damage your relationship with them.

2. Never feel bad about what they say to you. They are not underestimating you, but instead, they are encouraging you or trying to correct your flaws.

3. Be honest and loyal from your side.

4. Repair misunderstandings in between any relationships (either it is with your parents, friends or other mates).

5. Alter your expectation levels.

6. Always remember that not every individual is the same.


8. Avoid the negative ones straight off.

9. Keep in touch with the ones who can make you smile or guide you or who you are comfortable with.

10. Remove your ego and initiate contact - even if it means you call them every time, but track if they call you only when they need something and avoid such folks.

11. Stay normal - if you don’t want company - request some down time - else you’ll look bored with them.

12. Learn to give advice or feedback in a way that helps the other person understand what can be done, instead of judging (irrespective of how perfect your analysis is, if it’s not put in decent words, you’ll come across as judgemental - yes, after a few times, even your childhood friends will think you are judgemental).

13. An important way to build a healthy relationship with your family and friends is - to talk.

The more you talk with your family and friends, the more you will understand them and they will too.

Therefore, spend time with them as much as you can. It will make them happy, and your relations will automatically become strong.

14. Another thing you could do is to take the advice of others in most of the matters and also try to help them. This will give them a feeling of respect and caring.

There are many things to be mention. The list goes on...

But try this first.

If you get will know by yourself what to do or what to not.

Thanks for reading!!!

Content created and supplied by: FranklySpeakingwithJeremiah (via Opera News )


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