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Meet the Rev. Sister who left the Missionary to Marry The Love of Her Life

Reverend Sisters abandoning the convent where they are practising their missionary vows in order to get married is an uncommon story.

A Reverend sister has truthful abandoned her chosen mission in exchange for marriage. This is one of the most commendable actions I've come across recently. Reason being that she made up her mind to please the Lord either way.

Being in the convent means working in the Lord's vine yard and yet getting married is still fulfilling the Lord's words when he said "go ye into the world and multiply".

Her choice and action simply implies that it is better to be in a man's house, married than be in the house of the Lord, cheating. Either way, it's even better to cheat in a man's house than in the Lord's house, for every sin shall be forgiven but the sin against the holy spirit shall not be forgiven, says the Bible.

These are her traditional marriage pictures as well as her pictures in the missionary.

The young lady is indeed beautiful that even though in the missionary where they are not allowed to make up or do any attachments or enhancements, she is still looking gorgeous.

What do you have to say about this lady's decision, should she have remained in the convent and be cheating on the Lord like she said under the disguise of a holy sister or is it just best to leave the mission like she did?

Please share your candid advise as so many other of her colleagues in the mission are facing same challenge. The flesh is pushing them against their religious precessional vows but they are afraid of failing the society.

Should everyone in her shoe quit the profession?

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