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Things married women do that can destroy her marriage.

1) Sharing her Marital issues with a male admirer / friends.

Not every guy you know is responsible . we have some low lives, that has no regard for any form of decency . It is no news that many guys are in that category .

When you discuss your Marital issues with your male admirer . Most times whar this guy's hear is,"I'm vulnerable I need you as a succor really". when most married women take ,solace in male friend the end resultis usually an illicit affair.

2). Being carelessness with male friend .

I have always maintained that there is nothing like friendship between a married woman and another man.

If he is not your co_ worker,co- business partner or your childhood friend you may have no business with him .many married ladies has the the bad habit of keeping male friends indiscriminately.

Seeking vengeance

Many married ladies tend to take actions in order to prove their hubby that a sauce for the goose is also ok for the gander. But unfortunately this will destroy your marriage more .

When you take revenge on your hubby by sleeping with another man because he cheated on you .of what use will that be to you?.what value will that add to your life?

Moving out of you matrimonial home hastly over an avoidable reason

What excuse do you have for moving out of your matrimonial home ?

Believing there is always a better man out there .

Sharing there Marital issues with single female ladies .

Most women take advice from female who are still single and could lead to divorce.

Poor communication .

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