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Meet the two Twins who got Married and live under the same roof

Here are two twins couples male - male and female - female who got married, having kids and still live under the same roof with their families.

The name of the male twin are Doug and Phil Malm be and their wives which are also twin Jill and Jena. The couples met in a large gathering of twins all over the world, which was held in Twinsburg at Ohio. Around the year 1991 and since then they have been following up on each other till they proposed in 1992 and latered got married in 1993, live together, in a four bedroom home in Idaho.

As a matter of fact they still get confused about who is who, even going as far as to call out names when approaching each other.

There was even a time Doug wife, Jill, was having a bad day, so he went into his kitchen in an attempt to comfort her, wrapping his arms around her and kissing her neck. Till he realized it wasn't his wife but his wife's twin sister who is also his twin brother's wife.

"Phil (blue shirt) and Doug (black shirt) sometimes can’t tell Jill (white shirt) and Jena (black shirt) apart."

Doug is married to Jill and have a daughter Rylie, who is 19years, while Phil and Jena have a son Tim who is 18years.

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