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Husband and wife relationship

See the story of a woman who lost her husband because of anger(Fiction)

No matter the situation will should always try to keep it cool because anger is never a solution.

Read and learn from this couple

A couple in their 60s went to a lawyer seeking for divorce after 40 years of marriage

The wife apologise to his husband

She spoke her mind to him

The husband respected his wife decision

But the lawyer find it difficult to concur to the divorce

He ask both couples out for a launch

The husband said to his wife

But she didn't find it loving

She was deeply sad that her husband don't know what she likes and what she hates

That night the couples was deeply in sorrow

The man tried to call his wife to apologise

He was so confused and mad at himself


Guess what!

She found a letter in her husband apartment

See what was written on it

Moral lesson

1.Do not hold grudges against the people you love

2.Do not be ashamed to show your feelings

3.Do not hold anger inside because you might not be Lucky to apologize later

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