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Husband and wife relationship

4 Signs Of A Respectful Wife

Respect is one of the things you should make sure is not missing in your relationship if you want to live happily with your partner. When you have respect for your partner, it would be hard for you to do things that would hurt them or make them feel rejected. 

As a man, having a wife that respects you is something you should always be grateful for. If your wife gives you the respect you deserve and she never for once makes you look insignificant in your relationship, you should never let such a woman out of your life. 

To know if your wife is respectful, there are some signs to look out for in her. Once your woman possesses these signs, she's a respectful wife and you should keep her close to you.

In this article, I will be showing you 4 signs of a respectful wife.

1. She listens to you whenever you speak.

A respectful wife will always listen to you all the time and will give room for you to share your opinion and thought without interrupting. She won't just listen to you, she will pay good attention and make sure she digests it. 

As a man, when your woman gives you listening ears and patiently waits for you to finish, you should know she truly respects you. 

2. She's proud of you.

When your wife is proud of you, you should know she respect you. If your wife is not afraid to show you off and talk about you in front of everyone, it is a sign that she truly respects you. If she shows you support in everything you do and she claims to be your greatest fan, she respects you.

3. If she acknowledges her mistakes and asks for forgiveness.

When your wife doesn't hesitate to acknowledge her fault and she quickly asks for forgiveness, you should know that she respects you. A woman that doesn't respect her husband will never want to take the blame and she would never ask for her man's forgiveness. 

4. She takes your words into good use.

If your wife always listens to your advice and she takes it into good use, you should know that she respects you. Unlike a disrespectful wife, she would only do things that please her, and she will hardly listen to her man's advice. If your wife listens to corrections and she takes it into good use, she's a woman you should never let go of.

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