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Looking for a Virgin

Looking for a Virgin, A Beautiful Lady, a Prayerful lady, its good, They are virtues

BUT Been A Virgin doesnt Guarantee Her been a Good mum or wife, 

Virginity aint a criteria for been a good wife,

Beauty aint a Criteria for been a good wife..

Been a Prayer Warrior aint a criteria been a Good wife... 

Guys,...Look for a lady of Good Character and Make her Beautiful, Prayerful....

Ladies, Been a Pastor,imam or President of fellowship doesnt Qualify him be a Good Husband 

Giving you Money and Spoiling you doesnt make him a Good father..

A Man can LOVE You and yet dnt have Passion for you...

Get a GOD -Fearing man Passionate about you 

Be careful who you give your heart to...

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A Beautiful Lady Prayer Warrior Virgin


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