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Remember Adalia The 13Years Old Girl Who Keeps Growing Old By The Day - See Recent Photos Of Her

Adalia rose is a teenage girl who was born with an illness called progeria, this is a kind of illness where by a baby have to keep growing old on a tender age for example the person will be 15years but will be looking like 50years old person.

Adalia was born on the 10th day of December 2006 she is currently 13years old, she was born in Texas USA , she keeps growing older as time passes.

She was constantly bullied BT her friends because of her kind of appearance that didn't weigh her down she was optimistic in nature, she is a strong girl and she don't easily give up.

Instead of giving up she decided to go on social media to show to her followers that there is still hope for the hopeless. She usually have confidence in herself and she loves taking pictures.

You can see how motivated she is

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Adalia Texas USA


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