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Tips for building a healthy relationship.

We can't really begin to appreciate relationship till we have found love to the extent our heart feel whole knowing someone makes us happy without them being physically present.

All relationship are special and unique. Most time we meet lot of people we never plan of meeting in our life's but they turn out to be the comforter of our heart and soul, helping us stay healthy guiding us to the truth of life due to the fact we share common goals and interest with such people and when we meet such people life turns around for good.

Having a healthy relationship takes time and process to build. How ever they are certain things we should do to enable us have a healthy relationship this tips I will be sharing with you in this article

1. Good communication. All romantic relationship must have a good communication skills, it is a very important aspect of relationship people ignore often, Communication build the walls of a good relationship, it help to create a good mood of feeling and understanding in a relationship, most time people don't no the value of body language or non verbal cues,

All romantic relationship without, good understanding of body language or verbal cues will be lacking a good communication skills, because most time situations will arise you may not need to speak openly to your partner, but with the help of non verbal cues or body language you can still communicate.

2. Keeping physical touch and intimacy alive. Touch is a very important and necessary aspect of our life, it create a connection between two people who have feelings for each other. most people see sex as the only physical intimacy touch, hugging, kissing,holding hands and playing together are very necessary for a healthy relationship too.

3. Preparing for the rainy days. It is very important to no that, every relationship we see running smooth in our sight, to some extent have pass through hard times, that could have ended the relationship, it could be your partner having difficult times on certain issues, struggling about the issues of life, or stress from the family members, it could be problem of the children, how to finance the family, all this thought running through anyone mind, are things that can break someone down that he or she may not wish to share but sticking together helping him or her out during this time can save your partner from the stress of depression, from the unnecessary nagging and misbehaving.

4. Heart of forgiveness. Some people hardly speak the word sorry because of their pride and ego, in a healthy relationship the word sorry at easy to come by, no one is perfect but to have a good and healthy relationship one must understand that, most time peace is better than being right. Is very difficult to tender an apology in a relationship and you are not forgiven except is on a very compromise ground.

5. Do things that benefits you both. One of the important decision partner can make is coming to make plans n agreeing something together that will enhance their life. It could be charity work, project etc, it help to bring new ideas to the relationship, it help you meeting new people it expose you to great opportunity in life, it also help you to think out all the stress of life, no man is an island by helping others we are also helping ourself, making ourself feels better.

6. keeping close relationship and spending quality time together. Spending quality time together help you understand your partner, it help you understanding your partner want and interest in life, situation whereby you hardly see each other, is difficult for such relationship to sustain through the hard times, while phone calls, text message couple with social media, help us have easy means of communication with our partners, being real having a conversation face to face conversation help the brain relax and feel more better than the text and chat on the social media. No matter how the day seems busy always find time to compliment and appreciate your partner the good it does, it goes beyond the physical eyes.

7. Truth and trust. Are the bedrock of every relationship, lately people take advantage of people a lot, when their partner are being truthful to them, a healthy relationship must be truthful to themselves.

Having a healthy relationship require sacrifice and commitment to yield great result. Patience is the key

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