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Before Getting Married To Your Mate, Stop And Consider These Bible Passages

Marriage is a step that can make or mar once life if forethought is not applied before taking the step. Many people have gone into marriage thinking it will be all rosy, that everyday of their life will be perfect. Others have gone with a mindset to return fire to fire.

Before going into marriage please consider these few Bible passages that can help you have the right mindset and know what you can do to make your marriage a success.

The above passage is Matthew 19:9 where the greatest teacher who ever lived, Jesus taught that marriage is a lifetime project. Before going into marriage, know that you have to be committed to your mate. Don't leave your marriage for trivial of reasons for e.g because your wife can't cook or your husband snores in bed.

The passage above from 1Corinthians 7:11 reaffirms that a husband and also the wife should be committed to their marriage. The ONLY grounds for divorce is sexual immorality.

A marriage can never be a bed of roses because the two are imperfect, so from the above passage from Colossians 3:12,13, a couple must be willing to put up and forgive each other. You should overlook your mate's little weaknesses and also forgive his/her mistakes. No marriage is perfect.

These words are from Matthew 19:6. From this verse, you and your spouse are one. So do not keep secrets from your spouse. Do things together and your marriage will be happy.

So those are small tips you can apply to have a successful marriage. Please share to your friends so that they can also benefit. Don't forget to follow us for more.

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