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5 Things You Should Avoid Telling Your Mother-in-law Even If You Are Provoked

Mother-in-laws might be a pain to live with, but as her son's wife, you should avoid saying hurtful things to her. Respect for the woman who raised your husband is preferable, but you should also find a means to minimize her power in your home. Having your mother-in-law involved in your husband's life might be a major issue at times. Some ladies have told me that they hope their partners' mothers were no longer alive.

Others have stated that they would not marry a man whose mother is still alive. It's almost as if the fear of your mother-in-law is the beginning of wisdom.

But, whatever the situation may be, she's still alive and well in your relationship. Here are five things you shouldn't ever say to your mother-in-law to keep the situation sane and joyful.

1. Don't tell her to never come to your house again

The majority of mother-in-laws despise these words. They despise it when their wives offer them ultimatums that prevent them from seeing their sons anytime they want. They believe it is their right to know everything about their kids' life, but they do not believe you should have the same right.

2. Do not accuse her of being a bad mother

No mother, including yourself, wants to be labeled a horrible mother. Yes, she's a thorn in my side, but does that make her a horrible mother? The truth is, she was the mother of the "nice" guy you're seeing or married to now. You'll come across as nasty, ungrateful, and disrespectful to her. This could have a negative impact on your relationship.

3. Never tell her she has to keep her distance from your husband

Any mother will be hurt by these statements. Regardless of how you look at this, your husband is her son. So, already, pay her some respect! Don't be the one to tell her that several mothers are cruel, even to their own children. Allow her son to handle it. She's been in her son's life for what seems like an eternity, so for her to avoid the man she raised is unfair.

4. Avoid reminding her that she could have done a better job raising her son

Any mother despises it when her capacity to be a good mother is questioned, particularly by her daughter-in-law. She understands how she raised her child, and you shouldn't complain if his son is not complaining!

5. Never refer to your mother-in-law as a witch

This is extremely insulting to African mothers. Unless you are a powerful man of God or interested in Spiritism, proving someone is participating in witchcraft is nearly impossible. If you don't believe in any of these, you may not have the right to declare someone a witch, especially your mother-in-law. Go down on your knees and pray instead!

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