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Husband and wife relationship

God's Original Purpose For Marriage Between Man And Woman

When Christians get married, they are united in the presence of God, their relatives, and the community to experience the joy of a new life.

Marriage marks the introduction of a new family structure and lifetime dedication.

From the beginning, marriage was formed to respect the promise and maintain a state of happiness in life.

Marriage is for us to have a companion.

In the beginning, God said it wasn't good for a man to be alone. A man or woman needs to have a lifetime companion.

People depend on interpersonal relationships, and they need the company of others to survive.

When you have a wife or husband with you, it can make you avoid loneliness.

So the husband and wife become one body.

Originally, the two of them became one body to reciprocate their love and grow together.

They support each other by following the way of love, tolerance, and faith without being selfish.

Marriage is for the enjoyment of physical intimacy.

This should not be left unchecked, otherwise, it can become a problem. The enjoyment also comes with some restrictions for the sake of peace in the marriage.

It is meant for the reproduction of human beings.

This is one of the original purposes for a man and a woman coming together.

After the marriage, they give birth to children and follow the trend. This will also contribute to the advancement of our world.

It is meant for security from all forms of danger. 

The husband is mandated to secure his wife in every way, and the wife should also secure the interest of her household.

Marriage comes with great responsibility and obligation for us to maintain it.

Every marriage has its good and bad times, and regardless of how many relationship books we study, some issues must be addressed immediately.

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