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The Difference Between Love and Lust In The Relationship.

The Difference Between Love and Lust In The Relationship.

The relevant of love and lust in the society can never be over emphasized in our generation, many people have misinterpreted the word in the negative matter without making good research on what its meant to be. Though they have similar meaning and conception when assimilating them.

Love has to do with have affections and feelings towards someone, either by his/ her physical outfit, dressing, character and behavior it might mean other things to you by understanding. Lust is an opposite to love, because one can said to love you based on what the person like in you. Maybe attitude towards something, or being passionate in your dealings with something, that is called lust.

My attention was drain to the fact that many youth and even adult are victims of this decadence in the society as a result they regretted ever knowing their partner for life. Love is not shown in the physical view but it rather comes from the heart and express it beauty according to the nature of life.

In a nutshell, love and lust has led many people to their early grave due to the fact that they limit their understanding based on what they heard from people without making any effort to curtail the situations. This article will help you eradicate from this immoral act in the society.

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