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Dear Ladies, Here are Secrets on How to Maintain a Successful Relationship With a Man

Bear in mind that everything that will last is built to last. Also that, behind anything that's working is a worker (someone or something that's making it to work).

Successful relationships are not imported or installed. They are built. The building process requires the effort of the individuals in the relationship.

To build a successful and lasting relationship requires the following:

1. Agreement between the two person: two persons cannot walk together (for a long time), if there's little or no agreement between them. There must be agreement in belief, lifestyle, mindset, understanding, etc. With agreement, they'll walk together for a long while with ease.

2. Understanding: there ought to understand each other. Being able to know each other's differences and still blend together.

3. Effective Communication. To understand each person better, there's need for effective communication. Spending time with each other will fasten the process of understanding between them.

4. A love-driven relationship: most relationships fail, because what initiated the relationship was lust, and not true love. Little wonder, breakup takes place immediately one partner gets what he or she wanted (esp sex). God is love & any relationship that's built on genuine love is built on him and is meant to last.

5. A relationship based on meeting each other's need. In relationship we're meant to complement each other. Make up for what the other person lacks. You need to know what your partner wants and then make effort to provide it (so long as it does not attract a curse from God).

6. A relationship built on the right principle. Success follows principles. When you do what attracts enduring success, success will inevitably come your way.

7. A commitment by the partners to make it work against all odd. I earlier said that, behind anything that's working is a worker. Success in anything requires effort and time. They must be willing to invest the required effort and time to ensure that they achieve success in their relationship. This may involve praying for each other, doing what is right, giving their all to make it work, making provision for each other's weakness, etc.

8. The Grace of God. There's a grace available for ease in relationship. It's the grace of God. It makes your relationship greasy (smooth), yet with desirable result. It amplifies every effort and time you invest into the relationship and makes it fruitful and meaningful. This is mostly obtainable when the relationship is sponsored (approved) by God.

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