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5 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

There are situations whereby your ex grows interested in you again and would want to have a second chance with you. Irrespective of what ended your relationship, they want you to consider them again. They might not tell you directly but they would show some signs. Here are 5 signs your Ex wants you back

1 They're Trying To Get To Know You Again.

After some periods of time, they come back into your life and try to know things that they didn't know about you before. They keep asking your friends about you and will make you know that they are still around.

2. They're Sharing What's Going On In Their Life With You

They try to contact you always and share their life issues with you. They feel comfortable with telling you their secret despite the fact that you're no longer together. They also want to know your secrets and would want you to be able to confide in them.

3. They Ask About Your Dating Life.

They want to know whether you are in a relationship or you are still single. They are so much interested in your relationship life because they want to come back into your life. If you tell them that you are single, they will try to push themselves back in.

4. They Share Their Relationship Status.

They would want you to know their relationship status if they're they're single or engaged. The single ones do this more often because they would want you to see the need why you should return to them.

5. They Stay Connected On Social Media.

They keep following you on social media I don't want to lose you. They keep reacting to your pictures and keep you replying to your status. They would always chat you up to inquire about your well being because that's what is more comfortable for them.

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