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4 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Female Friend

 Marriage is a very delicate stage and deserves proper scrutiny before giving into it. It is a life time commitment and any mistake in it could lead to a lifetime regret.

    Many guys have made errors in their quest for a life partner due to the fact that they have limited knowledge in this aspect of life. They tend to feel that the choice of a spouse should be people they never knew or have never met in their formative years. This orientation of guys have led them into marrying strange women who came in disguise of angels just to get hold of the man's affection and shatter his joy and happiness when they finally get into the man's life as a spouse.

    Guys ought to be very careful in making choices of a life partner. It is much safer to marry your female friend you've known over a period of time than to marry a lady you just met and isn't informative about aswell. The reasons why it is advisable for guys to marry their female friends cannot be over emphasized.

    In this content, our focus would be on the 4 reasons why guys should marry their female friends.

    First or foremost, marrying your female friend would give you a level of confidence prior to the marriage and in the marriage due to the fact that your female friend has known your areas of strength and weaknesses. When a woman is truly in love with you and has known your areas of strength and weaknesses, she could easily help you summon your strength and strengthen your weaknesses for you to become a better man for her.

    Secondly, it is easier to gain companionship and understanding when you marry your friend unlike it is in the case of getting married to a woman that is not your friend. When a guy is in a marital relationship with his friend, the bond of friendship combines together with the bond of marriage and builds a greater force which yields infinite intelligence and makes the achievement of whatever they set their heart to possible.

    Furthermore, marrying your friend will put you in a greater pace of fulfilment of purpose and destiny. True friends are great motivators whose assurance of standing by propels them to greater heights. Believe me, the prayers of a true friend has an efficacy in the life of her partner.

    Finally, tying the knot with your friend brings greater joy and satisfaction. When a guy looks back at his formative years to check who stood by him through thick and thin and all he sees is his friend who has become his spouse, it gives him a greater joy in the marriage and he will have every reason to give her all she wants and deserves, definitely the lady will requite the love in a higher dimension.

    So guys, stop looking for a life partner all around the 7 continents in the world. Marry your friend and enjoy the beauty of marriage

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