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5 Stupid Things Women Do In The Name Of Love.

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to anyone. The feeling that comes with it is something some of us finds it difficult to comprehend, though we may be doing some crazy things that are not expected of us. For most people who have been in love, you will agree that love can be dangerous like a cocaine. The effect can make someone do the most crazy things. This is because being in love actually brings about some chemical changes to the brain which can make one act in a different way that may not be normal in the name of love. Below are stupid things women do in the name of love. 

Living in the same house with a man that has not yet paid your bride price. 

Most ladies feel they are entitled to leave with a man they are in love with. To most of them, not doing so will only make another woman take their place. They see it as a way of marking their territory, while this act most of them see them being dumped. Cohabitation is useless as long as your bride price has not been paid. 

Sending naked pictures 

Most women see sending their nude pictures to a guy as an act of love. They keep their brains else where thinking that by seeing their nude pictures, it will make the man love them more. The guy now sees you are a whore and believes you other guys has a nude picture of you. No man in his right senses will marry you. Forget it. 

Staying in an abusive relationship 

Some women allow themselves to be abused in the name of love, thinking that one day the guy will change. Allowing him treat you with disrespect doesn’t mean love, it means stupidity and the best thing to do is leave before you die. A true man will not hurt or abuse the woman he loves. 

Being in a relationship with a criminal 

I don’t understand why most women will be comfortable in a relationship with a man who is involved with crime. These crimes make include cyber frude or rubbery which are all social vices. But no matter how in live you think you are, you are endangering your life. And such relationships will never bring you peace and honor. 

Sex because he promised you marriage

He has no right to sleep with you if he hasn’t paid your bride price. Sleeping with him tells him how desperate you are. He will eventually use and dump you like he did to others. Be disciplined enough not to let yourself to be used by a man you merely promised you marriage and have done nothing. 

There are many more of this crazy acts women do in the name of love. Do share your opinion and advice as well. 

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