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The truth about relationship

*No man or woman is perfect, and for that matter we have to be honest in our relationships. Let your partner know why you are into this relationship; is it for better for worse? Or is it until the next one comes around. Open up to your partner when they do something wrong, and together find out how you can resolve it. If we have agreed to stay together, then it’s worth talking about everything.*

*A true relationship doesn't entertain visitors; it wants someone who stays, it wants the one who is afraid of losing them, not the one who can easily replace them.*

*Many people don't realize the good man or woman they have in their lives until they are gone and are with someone new. Then they become emotional and want to be given a second chance to put things right. That's what I will describe as too little too late. Once your Ex is over you and happy with a new relationship, you are not going to get them back. Only the wise will Understand

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