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3 Ways To know You Are In Love

Falling in love is a beautiful feeling especially when it is mutual. However, there are things that must be noted if you want to know when you're in love. And this article is here to expose you on how to know you have fallen in love. 

1. You can't stop thinking of the person

It may never matter when you met him or her, as long as this person gives you sleepless night, you are in love. Most people resist the notion of discussing this with their friends. If you are guilty of this, then you are in love. 

2. You can't stop being around them

Once we feel something for a person, we desire to stay around that person. We try our best to impress that person, so that in return they can admire us. Somehow, their absence has a way of affecting you. 

3. You can't wait to hear from them 

This has happened to me several times and I guess you're in this column with me. There maybe nights you will be rolling on your bed, waiting for his call. And when he/she does, it's as if you saw flowers in the sky. You just want to hear from them and any sign of absence may affect your mood. If this is happening to you, then you have fallen in love.

I guess you now know better, love is a beautiful thing. Before you fall in love, make sure you're clear on your wants and be guided.

All the best. 

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