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Parents, if you wish to have a closer relationship with your kids, do this five things

In the world of today where there is so much wrong things that is going on and so much uncertainty, it is very important that we try as much as possible make sure our kids trust us enough to tell us anything.

This article is mainly for couples with kids, for parents. There have been so many cases and stories of young children who have been molested, there are cases of human trafficking and abduction of little children.

As a parent, it is very important that you try to develop a close relationship with your children. It is important for their welfare and security because they will need someone they can trust with personal information as they grow up. If that person doesn't turn out to be you, then there are chances that your child will be mislead and encouraged to do the wrong thing and make the wrong decisions.

Most young people that have become victims of one vice or the other, were vulnerable because they didn't have a strong background or a family to cater for them. It is quite shocking to also note that some of this children had a family and good friends that they could have confided in,but because they fear criticism or they feel you won't understand as their family or parent, they go off to take the action that they feel suits them best.

If you want your child to be safe out there, you need to be their best friend. It is not necessarily about beating or shouting at them. They look up to you and respect you as their parent. We take some actions sometimes without realizing how much it will affect our child. It is not in all cases that you will beat or punish a child, you need to try to overlook somethings and talk to them instead.

I will be sharing with you five things that will help you to develop that close and trusted relationship with your children,it is very important for their safety too and not just about grooming them.

1.Learn to overlook some certain things. This children will not be honest with you if they feel that opening up to you will only make things worse for them. They will not want to tell you anything if they feel that you will respond with violence and curses. Try to be patient and loving, it will bring your child closer to you.

2.Invite your child to share details about their day with you. If you want them to feel more relaxed about doing that, share details about your day too with them. Keep the conversation relaxed and enjoyable for them.

3.Do not overreact when your child tells you something shocking and unexpected. When they are revealing those things to you, they will be watching out for your reaction. If they see that you don't seem surprised or moved, they will feel comfortable telling you more.

4.Find time to do fun stuffs with your child. Play their best games with them and gist with them about things happening in their school. It may seem like the most trivial thing and you probably have more important things to attend to. Those children should be the top of your priorities. Those things that you think don't matter might mean so much to them,therefore it should mean so much to you too.

5.Pray for them and pray with them. Share the doctrine with them and guide them so that they will know what is right and what is wrong.

Make adequate provisions for them and be their best friend that they can count on anytime. If you aren't, they will find someone else to do this things with and that person might just end up being the wrong person.

Thank you so much for reading my article. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them down below.

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