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For Couples: Things You Should Know & Practice Before You Sleep At Night

Though some couples may not have the whole day together but the little period they have at night should be used properly. It matters alot. Here are 11 things Couples should do before they go to sleep at night:

1. Don't Forget About Hugs And Kisses

Remember to kiss your partner before going to sleep and also cuddle for few minutes when you are already in bed. Kissing always invokes positive emotions. It allows partners to feel that their partner understands them even if they can't express their feelings in words.

2. Give Each Other A Massage

A light relaxing massage before going to bed is highly beneficial for couples. It increases the quality of your sleep, reduces anxiety and brings couples closer together. However, the emotional state (as well as the physical well-being) improves relating to the partner who received the massage and the one who gave it.

3. Don't Drink Alcohol Or Smoke

Many couples want to have a glass of wine before they sleep to create a romantic atmosphere. However when your body is digesting alcohol, the period of your sleep becomes shorter and the duration of deep sleep longer.

4. Don't Share The Bed With Your Pets

Most people who sleep with their pets do not get enough sleep because animals do not sleep throughout the night. Having a pet in your bed violates the "Rule of two" in your bedroom.

5. Keep Your Bedroom Free From Children

The only time you can let your children sleep in your bed is when they have a nightmare and they will not always have that. Your bedroom should be your private space because you need that space to maintain your intimacy.

6. Don't Argue Or Get Into Heated Conversations

No disagreement is worth more than a days fight. Couples should not get into an argument before going to sleep because fighting in bed does not solve a problem. It is harder for both of you to fall asleep and you will feel depressed the next day.

7. Have A Heart-to-Heart Talk

Pay attention to each other's feelings. You don't need to give advice or find immediate solutions to each other's problems. Sometimes, we simply want to talk and feel the care and support of our loved ones. Dedicating time to talk before sleeping, helps you to end the day on a good not and to sleep better.

8. Follow A Routine

Following the same bed time routine everyday, helps you to sleep better. When following a familiar routine, your brain receives a signal of the approach in bed time and prepares your body for sleep. If you follow the same routine together with your partner, it will make your relationship more intimate and trustworthy.

9. Go To Bed At The Same Time As Your Partner

A lot of couples today have the habit of not going to bed at the same time. This could be because one is watching TV or surfing the net. It might not be a problem but happy couples brush their teeth at night and go to bed the same time.

10. Forget About Work

Try to forget about work and stop checking your work union when you are in bed. It is important that you spent that time together and have some rest, so that you can be productive at work the following day

11. Switch You Phones To Silent Mood And Put It Away

It is time to sleep and in order to keep the trust of your partner, it is important you switch off your phones or put them in silent mode. Chatting on social media or receiving calls at the moment, might not be good for your partner.

Hope you learnt alot

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