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Men, no matter how much you love a woman, don't ever do this 5 things(opinion)

Dear men, no matter how much you love a woman, there are things you should never do to please her.

As a man, you have a responsibility to make your woman happy, but there must be a limit. You have an ego that you must defend as a man and you must not allow a woman to ruin or abuse you just because you love her.

Never do these five things to please a woman:

1. Do not pay school fees.

Never pay for a woman's education if it's not your wife. It's okay to help and support her when she's in school, but paying her all is a big NO. However, if you feel compelled to do so, don't assume that you will be in debt forever. People change, and they may even choose to love someone after all your efforts.

2. Do not commit crime for them.

If you can't maintain her engaging lifestyle, don't steal or do something stupid to do her a favour. If she really loves you, she'll understand if you're broke and don't pressure her to take care of her financial affairs.

3. Do not compromise your needs for them.

If it is not really necessary, you have to be a bit selfish towards yourself. You can't afford to be hungry, so you can send your money to run errands. You may be able to share what little you have, but never give up everything you have to make them happy.

4. Don't forget your dreams.

Remember you had your dreams and aspirations before meeting them. Keep chasing her just because she doesn't like what you do. If you want to study abroad, the last thing you want to do is change your mind because you are uncomfortable. If she can't wait, leave her alone, but never stop chasing your dreams to please a woman.

5. Don't respect your family.

Women can be so manipulative, especially when they know you are sure you love them and you can do anything to make them stay. Some will try to show you how bad your family members are and move you further away from them. If it ever leaves you, the only person you have behind you is your family. So never break family ties to make them happy.

This article is Base on my opinion. Pls drop your comments

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