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Husband and wife relationship

Who does a man loves most, his mother or his wife? Before you answer, read this

A man walked into his house from work and found both mother and her daughter inlaw in the living room, looking rather cold and unhappy, neither giving him the hug he had become so accustomed to. There and then, he sensed they've had it again. He immediately turned to his wife and said:


" Look here woman, my mother is my mother any day, anytime and anywhere. I love my mother so much and am not compromising her for any reason what so ever. My mother carried me for nine months in her womb, before going through the stress of labour to give birth to me. After birth, she continued to care for me, suffer for me to find my feet in this harsh place we call life. She used to be all that I had before you came into my life - her prayers, advice, councels, financial supports e.t.c all made a partway for me to become who I am right now, this I cannot take for granted for no reason what so ever. I must care for her, support her, pay her back in kind for all the good she has done for me, for all what she passed through just to see me make it in life, I love her so much, I am willing to please and protect her with every means possible, she is so important to me."

When he finished, he faced his mother and said:


"Iya, this is my wife, bone of bone, flesh of my flesh. A woman I made a vow to in the presence God and man, to love in good times and in bad times, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. She is the only woman I ever made such a vow to. She is now in my life. The previous reality was just about me and my mother, right now there is another extremely important woman in my life - my wife. I have been through a lot with this woman you see here mother, even before we got married, I am the only one who understands what a wife have got and how blessed I feel to have her. Sometimes I even feel I don't deserve her. I have caused her a lot of trouble, pain, in this few years we have been together, and the way she has managed to handle things and live with a man like me still suprises me. Mummy you know your son, you know I have wahala, any woman who can handle me successfully has something special about her, right now I am doing everything in my power not to hurt this woman anymore. I love her so much, and that's the reason I married her in the first place. It's time for me as your son to build a family just like you and my dad did. I will raise my own children too, live my life and hopefully have a successful marriage like you and Dad had. All of these I will do with my wife, I have to keep a smooth relationship with her, regardless of whom I have issues with. You know she will be the only one there when my mother and children are no more there, my mother will get old by the grace of God, the children will grow up and get married, it will be just the two of us left. That's a picture of the future that plays in my head even in present times. If I don't care for my wife, take sides with her, value her and her opinions, she won't be happy with me, and there won't be peace in my home - a place I must always return to wherever work takes me. I have vowed lately to make my home a happy place, a peaceful place, a place radiating with love, and in recent times I have been achieving this. I don't intend to compromise this for any reason. Mummy this is what you have always wanted for me, that I live peacefully and safely, knowing wherever your son is, he is ok. God has blessed me with a good wife that permits that, even when I don't deserve it. I love my wife so much right now that I can't afford to offend her anymore."

Walked into his bed room, leaving wife and mum behind in the living room and lost in deep thoughts with himself:


"Here I am in between the two women that matters in my life. They both claim they love me so much, and I know I believe them absolutely, but something I just can't figure out is: they are loving me, and I am loving both of them, when anyone of them is not ok or happy it affects me a lot. They claim they are after my happiness, when it is obvious that what will make me happy the most in life is to see both of the women that matters most to me live together as mother and child, to extend the love they have for me to each other, since both of them are so crucial to my well being and happiness. If they love each other and live peacefully, thats when I can believe they love me indeed. Or else I will continue to live an unhappy man, since the most important women in my life are threatening to tear me apart, and I can't do without any. If they love me, let them love each other because of me, since I love them both. I hate to have this lingering feeling of one of them feeling hurt deep down inside, that I don't love them enough or that I am taking sides.

This is not based on true story though, just the writer's way of reaching out to people who may be in need of healing in their homes. This is wishing every mother and daughter in-law the best possible relationships.

Content created and supplied by: Ebbietoikmoore (via Opera News )


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