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4 simple ways to make extra source of income you probably haven't heard of

People always talk about having multiple source of income. Here I will be taking you through 4 simple ways to make money without any stress.

1. Making greetings cards: If you are a writer and you have the ability to string beautiful words together, why don't you put a smile on people's face by writing and selling gift cards. Just write the words and sell it to people who want to surprise their mothers, girlfriends or lovers. You must do it in a beautiful way though.

2. Rent your car: Do you know that you can rent your car to tourists or other people visiting your town easily and safely. People coming into your town can rent your car for their adventure.

3. Hand made crayons candles: If you have little kids, this should not come as a surprise to you. Children love crayons. What you might not know is that you can actually be making some money from it.

Crayon candles is being used very well and it is not hard to make, it is something you can search for how to make it on the internet.

4. Create a YouTube account: If you are always at home and don't know what to do but you have the different video content in your head, you can just create a YouTube account, get people to subscribe and make money.

Bonus: You can as well become a creator on opera news hub.

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