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10 Behaviors That Can Kill The Feelings In Relationship

Growth in a relationship is a gradual process and it requires dedication and commitment. There's no lover who wants to experience Heartbreak. There are some behaviors that can destroy a relationship. These behaviors can kill the feelings and growth of the relationship.

Here are some behaviors that can kill the feelings in relationship;

1. Acting Like You Are Single: the act of behaving single while you're in a relationship can bring different thoughts to the people around you. When you're in a relationship, be able to talk about your partner, don't hide your marital status.

2. Always Nagging: Too much of complaint can complicate a relationship. Excessive nagging can end a relationship and it makes your partner feel tired of you.

3. Having No Interest Outside Your Relationship: neglecting some certain things because you're in a relationship doesn't help the growth of the relationship. Get involve in some activities around you.

4. Impulse and compulsion: the act of being impel can cause irresistible crisis in relationship. This urge of taking action without consideration kills a relationship faster.

5. Feeling insecure and over sensitive

6. Being dishonest and creating a codependent relationship

7. Lack Of Attention And Communication Skills: it's difficult for a relationship to grow when attention or communication is exempted. Attention is very important in relationship.

8. Neglecting To Take Care Of Your Appearance: your appearance matters a lot in your relationship. Be attractive to your partner, have a good smell, it makes your partner happy.

9. Showing Lack Of Affection

10. Refusing To Say Sorry: When you offend your partner be able to admit your fault and say sorry.

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