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7 Different Ways To Identify Fake Love In A Relationship

If you are in a serious relationship, and you tell your partner "I love you", but he or she replies with "thank you", it's a very painful reply.

However, you might just meet someone and try to figure out if the love the person claims to have for you is real or fake.

These are different ways to identify fake love.

They Only Talk To You When They Need Something From You

They can leave you for many days without talking to you or checking up on you.

However, whenever they need something, that is when they call you and ask you for assistance.

What they have for you is fake love because they are only trying to use you.

They Are Always The Person Collecting From You Without Giving

You have been very generous to them since you began dating, but they have never bought anything for you.

They are always at the receiving end without adding any value to your life. Even when you ask them for anything, they say they don't have it.

If they request something from you, and you don't do it, they threaten to break up with you.

They Always See Something Wrong With Your Attitude

They complain too much about your attitude and always try to correct too many things about you.

They get angry at every frivolous thing, and you are always the first person to apologize.

You Are The Only One Trying To Make The Relationship Work

Whenever there's a quarrel between you, they don't care if that will be the end of your relationship.

You are the only one trying to make the relationship work. Meanwhile, it takes two to tango, and we need two hands to clap. You can't be the only one in the relationship.

They Don't Make You A Priority

You give importance to things that are a major concern to them, but they don't make you a priority in their lives.

He Or She Always Compares You With Their Ex

They talk about their ex almost all the time, and they compare you to them. They tell you that their ex doesn't do what you are doing to them.

They Are Not Planning Their Future With You

He or she does not feel attached to you, and they don't make any plans with you on how to get married. They always say that they are not ready for marriage.

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