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Six Qualities A Man Admires In A Woman

When a woman knows the qualities that men love to see, it will help in making her develop those traits that will keep a man. In this article, qualities that men admire in a woman will be discussed.

1. Sexy femininity: Women tend to feel strong attraction for a more masculine and dominant male, in the same vein, men feel strong attraction for a feminine woman. That means the more feminine she gets the more attracted a man becomes.

2. A woman that triggers the hero instinct in a man: Studies have shown that men want to feel like heroes in the relationship. He wants to feel he is the provider and the protector. A man doesn't like it when his woman doesn't find him essential. What a woman needs to do is to sometimes ask for help from him even if she can do it by herself. This makes him feel make a man.

3. A woman with a sense of humour: The fact is both genders love people that can make them laugh. A man wants a woman that can laugh at his jokes and also make him laugh. This is a great quality every woman needs to develop.

4. She has to be confident: This doesn't mean a woman should become cocky and arrogant. A man wants a woman that knows what she wants in life and believes in herself. A man wants a woman that's secure in her skin.

5. an adventurous woman: Relationship is to be fun. A woman that's always serious with life doesn't look attractive to a man. Join him in his favorite sporting games. Go out and have fun.

6. She listens: A man wants his woman to listen to him when he speaks. He doesn't want a situation where he will be speaking and you are operating your phone. He wants your full attention.

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