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Why Some Women Can Not Spend 10 minutes During Sex

According to Healthline", It turns out people consistently say that they want lovemaking to last longer than it does. Almost everyone I informally interviewed felt that their answers were shorter than average when in reality almost all of them were either in line with or above the average duration of copulation, which is around 5.4 minutes. However, here is why women can not spend 10 minutes during intercourse.

So while we’re all self-conscious that we’re shortchanging our down-and-dirty time, copulation doesn’t take that long even for people who are completely happy with their coitus lives. I don’t mean to suggest that shorter copulation is better, by any means. But according to a Twitter poll asking, “Do you ever get bored during penetrative lovemaking or want it to just be over already?” Eighty-two percent of the 819 participants said yes. The reason I knew to ask that (possibly leading) question is that I, too, have been bored during penetrative coupling, just up there thinking about the fact that I need to check on the status of my car registration or how Joan Cusack hasn’t had a single leading film role (which is a damn shame. However, women can only spend 5.2 minutes during intercourse and some women can have more than that.

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