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5 Signs A Girl Has Feelings For You

It is no longer news that most women usually find it hard to express their feelings directly to the man they love as they are afraid of public opinions and they don't want the man to think they are cheap or irresponsible. For this reason, they prefer beating around the bush instead of expressing their feelings directly. 

When a girl has feelings for you, there are some hidden signs she will show just to make you know how she felt about you. She might not make it that obvious but her behaviors and attitudes towards you will show everything. 

In this article, I will be showing you 5 hidden signs a girl has feelings for you.

1. She's physically and emotionally concerned about you.

A girl that is physically and emotionally concerned about you has feelings for you. A girl that has feelings for you will be bothered about your well-being, she will be willing to give you a hand and do things other people rarely do for you without much hesitation. When a girl is showing this sign, you should know she has feelings for you. Unlike a woman that doesn't have feelings for you, even if she's caring and nice to you, she will have a limit, and it won't be all the time. 

2. She asks around to see if you are in a relationship. 

You would agree with me that a girl who is bothered about your relationship status has an interest in you. For her to ask around if you have a girlfriend or not shows she has feelings for you and wishes to be with you. 

If she can't ask you directly, she will ask your friend and she can even take her time just to observe your relationship with other girls.

3. You caught her constantly staring at you.

Another hidden sign a girl will show when she has feelings for you is that she will constantly stare at you. If you caught her constantly staring at you and she finds it hard to get her eyes off you, it is a sign she admires you. If you feel the same about her, you can make a move.

4. She's always around you.

When a lady always wants to be around you, it is a sign she has feelings for you. We all want to be around someone we like and spend most of our time with them. You should that a girl has feelings for you if she spends most of her time with you. 

5. She's giving you all her attention.

Lastly, when a girl has feelings for you, she would give you all her attention whether physical or online. She will respond well to your call and text and make herself available no matter how busy she could be. 

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