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How to catch a Liar without stress.

Lies has seem to be the order of the day in contemporary Nigerian homes. Honesty has been a very rare virtue to see in people nowadays.

Its very easy to lie to anyone of which some lies may be believed or subjected to doubt. If someone is lying to you and you really want to get the truth off him or her, you can easily apply these tips to get the truth.

1. Eye Contact:

Maintenance of eye contact is very necessary to determine if someone is telling the truth or not. Look directly into his or her eyes as you ask the question, if he or she can't maintain the eye contact when talking, you're being fed with a lie.

2. Fidgeting:

When asking a question, it's necessary to pay close attention to the body movement as it could tell also if that's the truth or not. When one keep sweating, stutters, and being timid to give answer to your question, there's a tendency that there's a lie coming up, just observe.

3. Attention to details:

There are little mistakes when one is telling a lie. Sometimes he could be contradict himself after giving series of stories and then one slight mixup could bring out the truth but it can only be noticed if and only if you pay attention to the details.

4. Reverse Psychology:

For this to be effective you can say the opposite of what you wanted to say. Put the ball in his court so he can work it out and spill the truth to you without thinking.

5. Fake Believe:

Make the person think you believe all he is saying without showing any sign of doubt, then process everything and form up tactical questions that can confuse him into saying the truth without being conscious of it.

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