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For N220K I need a boyfriend who can do house chores for me - Lady hunts for a bae, see reactions

Who says money doesn't have any big effect on a relationship between a boyfriend and girlfriend? Unless we just want to deceive ourselves, it should be duly noted that the importance of Money is just as huge as Love is. No wonder there is a popular saying that, "Love is sweet, but it is even sweeter with availablity of Money!" Coincidentally, a rich young Nigerian lady seems to be searching for a suitable boyfriend, and on facebook she makes a stunning irresistible money offer for a potential lover!

The lady, who appears to be busty babe, is presently searching for a suitable boyfriend who will essentially satisfy her emotional needs. In the revealing note she shared on her facebook page, the Nigerian babe noted that she wants a bae who basically has the undivided attention for her. And on top of that, her major request seemed to be on a guy who will be willing to always do house chores for her, as she is often busy throughout the week as a single smart-working lady! House chores that include, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping, cleaning bathroom & toilet, to mention but a few.

However, she is offering a big money reward for it, though!

In the facebook post, she made her candid views known, while requesting for any capable boyfriend who is also ready to do her house chores, and with a good financial motivation. The Nigerian busty lady is actually offering any interested boyfriend to do her large dose of house chores 5 days every week, and for whopping monthly allowance of N220,000 (Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira) for upkeep!

The endowed lady shares the message on her facebook page: "For real, not easy to be a rich smart-working lady but still single. I get so busy almost all the time. But I am willing to compromise, I really need a boyfriend who is also willing to do my house chores 5days a week. And I'm offering him at-least N220,000 every month for a start! Any guy interested??"

And after she posted her 'boyfriend search' note, obviously it didn't take long before the comments started rolling in! See below some very interesting comments from the reactions of different men:

Though in my opinion, I wouldn't want to say that the lady is being bossy or over-confident but she has the money and appropriately she calls the shots! Noted from the various reactions highlighted, more men are indicating their interest already to serve the confident lady in double role as a boyfriend/possible maid! It is getting interesting, surely!

Quick teaser >> As a guy, can you be a lady's boyfriend as well as her maid for N220,000 (Two Hundred and Twenty Thousand Naira)?

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